Something About Snow Boots And Sheepskin Boots

About Snow Boots

Are you planning to buy snow boots for the children, boys, girls or even toddlers? Snow boots donít have much difference on styles for males and females. What you have to make a difference is their uses. Winter boots are different from snow boots. Winter boots offer much more different features than snow boots and they are specifically catered to a long snowy climate. But snow boots can be worn on wet or even on muddy conditions. Here are some points to consider in buying snow boots.

1. The height of snow boots should be sufficient enough to prevent snow entry. Generally, they are about 7.9 inches tall for both men and women. It should be above pantís hemline.

2. For wetness protection, uppers are leather or material that is made of synthetic leather with seams taped or sealed. Fleeced cuffs prevent snow from entering. North Face Boots and Salomon Boots used soft acrylic wool and put this material to good use successfully. Another one refers to Sorel Boots that also offers vulcanized rubber toe and side covers.

3. Check the soles. It must be 100% water proof. Consider also the ease of cleaning.

4. Ensure the removable thermo feel inside the boots, which is needed for long treks.

5. Try the snow boots before making the decision. Sizes of boots differ according to the manufacturer. Also the sizes on menís snow boots are different from womenís.

Rarely, uppers with full grain leathers are PU coated for water proofing. Also check the insulation materials of snow boots and its breath ability. The right time to buy winter boots is early spring when the cold is still setting.

Can Your Sheepskin Boots Still Be Worn in the Approaching Winter?

Are you a real sheepskin boots aficionado? Are you one of those thousands of fashion conscious and sensible people who have found the joy of real sheepskin boots? Do your old sheepskin boots look a little dirty? After all it served you last winter season and keeps you warm and snug all winter long. Maybe itís better to give your UGG a decent care rather than throwing them into the rubbish bin.

Why not give your boots a treat just like a short wash and brush up. Itís believed your boots will look good again and it will be as good as before.

With a tender loving care, boots that are made from genuine sheepskin are very easy to maintain. They can be hand washed easily with using special sheepskin shampoo or mild soap flakes. Always keep in mind that do not be tempted to put them in the washing machine under any circumstances because you will surely feel regretful about this.

Here are some great caring ways for your sheepskin boots:

1. Add some special formulated sheepskin shampoo in a basin filled with lukewarm water (it won't foam a lot, so don't worry). Never use hot water because it will make the wool fibers seize up. Itís a big NO to wash by machine too. If youíve ever washed a pure wool jumper that should only be hand washed by machine, you will find the boots will shrink!

2. If you want to wash only the exterior of the boots, immerse the boots into the water up to the top of the boot. Do not get too much water on the top of the boot. Otherwise water will get in. You can also take the insoles out and wash them separately. You will notice that the inside of the boot remains dry even when you dunk the whole boot into the water, which proves that the real sheepskin is naturally water resistant.

3. By hands pour soapy water over the boot and gently massage the best surface until it get clean. If needed, you can use a soft nail brush to gently scrub the dirt away. Be careful not to damage the suede outer surface of the sheepskin.

4. Use clean lukewarm water again or under running water to rinse. Keep rinsing until they become clean.

5. Squeeze the boots gently to remove excess water. Then blot the outsides and stuff the insides with clean kitchen towel to remove excess water which might accidentally been whisked inside during washing.

6. Now the boots are ready for drying-naturally. Hang the boots away from direct heat or excessive sunlight. It will take a few days depending on the ambient room temperature to get the boots dry. So, patience is needed. Never put them on a radiator as they might go hard and permanently damage the sheepskin.
7. Once the boots completely dry, you may want to brush. Then bring up the suede surface although it is not necessarily needed.

8. The last and the most important thing to do is to re-protect. Spray them with sheepskin or suede protector spray until they are clean and dry.

If you take care of your real sheepskin boots they will take care of your feet too in many years to come. So, wash those dirty old sheepskin boots now and get them ready for the coming winter.

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